WP Updates RSS Plugin Weekend Sale

24 February 2012

Offer Closed


Going on from my post (and video) about using an RSS feed to get first notification about new blog posts, and so getting that important first comment and a backlink whenever a new post is made…

Well there’s some other aspects to this.

I KNOW that RSS doesn’t seem very exciting and can be a source of confusion and annoyance – I’ve been there.  But I’ve really turned onto it this last year or so and I’ve been using it for all sorts of things.  I’m only talking here about reading feeds not creating them.

But, I’ve been thinking about RSS related products that would be useful to you and me, and I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around for creating useful feeds.

The first one I released last year and is an excellent plugin that you install on all your blogs and on all your clients blogs too (if you have them).

This is how it works.

Imagine the situation if like me you have more than one WordPress blog, and I BET you do.

Unless you log into them all each day, it’s really hard to keep on top of which ones have plugins or themes that need updating.  Not all of them will have the same plugins active, and certainly not all of them will have the same themes.

There are both plugins and themes out there that sometimes have security issues which allow hackers to log in and take control of your site.  So it’s important that when there’s an update, you know about it right away and you can apply it to keep your blog secure.

It gets even more important when you also have clients blogs that you look after.

It’s bad enough when your own sites get hacked, but the last thing you want is a client calling you to say their site is up the Swannee.  Imagine the embarrassment.

The WP Updates RSS plugin solves that problem.

It monitors your blog and creates a private feed that you can add to Feed Notifier.  When an update is needed, it updates the feed, you get a little pop-up on your desktop and you can go make the update.

You know what?  I think I’ve just made Feed Notifier a must-have tool for any WordPress user.

Starting today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a weekend sale for the WP Updates RSS plugin at just $10 for the first 25 buyers.  The price will go up after the first 25 sales and the sale will close on Monday.

I’ll drop you a line when the sale starts.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. There’s another RSS based plugin coming next week which I hope will blow your socks off.  ;-)

P.P.S. If you don’t already have Feed Notifier then I suggest getting Portable Apps first and then adding Feed Notifer Portable to it.

9 Responses to “WP Updates RSS Plugin Weekend Sale”

  1. Marc says:

    OK I had to have it, it makes a lot of sense to be notified quickly. One question, where are the instructions to use it?


    • Marc says:

      Ah….. got it figured out. Click the plugin settings and put a name in the box after your domain name. Copy and paste the whole string and add /?feed=rss after it like http://www.websitename.com/updates/?feed=rss Take this and put it in your Feed Notifier.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mark,

      It’s so easy to use I didn’t think there needed to be any instructions. ;-)

      #1 – Install and activate.
      #2 – Go to the settings page and add an obscure identifier, something like f8d9hnb45
      #3 – Create a URL from the domain plus the identifier and add it to your feed readers, e.g.


      Done. ;-)

      If you open the URL you create in a Firefox tab for example, you’ll see the formatted feed.


  2. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello Frank…

    I had sent You this as an email a few days ago – but have not received a reply yet.
    So I am glad You have this sale now !

    This was my email:

    HaRa here, wanting to ask You, whether You would consider to come up with a product, to increase the security of WordPress.

    I just received note from my hosting provider, they do not allow any WordPress installations on their servers anymore, due to the insecure nature of it. They had been getting too many phishing complaints, and IP bans, so they do not want to risk it any further.

    So having some product, that makes WP more secure against hackers, would be a great idea !
    Perhaps also a tutorial video that You could give all your customers for free, in which You show some tips of installing more secure (ex. not using the default ‘admin’ as user name, or changing the admin’s name that shows up on all comments, to something different than the user name of the site, etc.)

    What do You think?


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Hara,

      Wow! Well, time to change host then? Try a HostNine reseller account – I don’t think you’ll regret it.

      There are various plugins that increase security of sites and I do use some of them on client sites just to be sure, and like you say there are a few things I’ve picked up over the years that you’re supposed to do like not using “admin” as the user name. I don’t always do them, but I am aware. ;-)

      I’ll have a think…


  3. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello once more…

    I just checked … is this the same plugin You offered back in last May ?


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Yes it is. And there’s another VERY useful RSS plugin on the way. I can’t see anyone not wanting it and it will become core to my business as it’s such a good (and simple) idea. :-)


  4. Dear Frank,

    I miss more information about this plugin, screenshots, how to use it, monitoring of several blogs…