WordPress AutoResponder Plugin Weekend Sale

26 August 2011

The sale for the WordPress AutoResponder Plugin is now LIVE, and you can get to the sales page here:-


I’ve had quite a few people writing to me asking all sorts of (often the same) questions, and what I really should have done (as I’ve now done) is create this blog post where you can leave a comment.

Lesson learned, and I’ll always make sure to do that with any sales I run in future.

One of the things that came up frequently was could I extend the sale to run over the weekend as people were travelling or away during the 24 hours the sale was running?  Yes okay.

So it’s no longer a 24 hour sale, it now ends on Monday morning.

Another recurring question was “Will I still need Aweber/Imnicamail/Get Response etc?”

Yes you will.  This isn’t intended as a replacement for any of those services.  I had this plugin created for myself so that on my niche blogs I could just quickly add a sign up form without having to go through the pain of creating it in a service – it would just be overkill.

An autoresponder service like Aweber or ImnicaMail (I use both) is an essential to run your core business through.

But I’ve also got niche blogs all over the place that I wouldn’t dream of spending time setting up with Aweber or Imnicamail, it’s just too time consuming to add the new list, do the double opt-in, get the form code, and so on.  It’s way easier with a small niche blog to just upload the plugin, activate, change a couple of settings and place the form on a page or in the sidebar.  Two minutes to amend the settings, five minutes tops to do the lot.

It would take about 30 minutes or more to do the same thing with Aweber and you have no choice over whether to use double opt-in or not.  Later, if the niche blog then goes onto become successful (it’s hard to tell at the beginning), then you can take the decision to spend the time to use a service and make it all more robust.

Personally I’ve yet to find a niche blog that does that well, all mine bring in a little money – which is nice.

That’s my take on it.  :-)

-Frank Haywood

12 Responses to “WordPress AutoResponder Plugin Weekend Sale”

  1. j says:

    Hi Frank,

    Is this the same plugin I bought
    in may ?



    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi J,

      Yes it could well be. I released v1 last year, and I *think* I did another sale because people were suggesting I write such a plugin, and we’re now on v1.4. So yes I think it probably is.


  2. Elaine says:

    HI Frank
    Really looking forward to this. I’ve tried numerous autoresponders and even bought one the other day, but one thing this one didn’t do is send on demand, it sent an email every 24 hours which is a bit annoying if you signed up for something that offers instant information!!
    Anyway can’t wait to see it.
    Keep up the goodwork :)

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Elaine,

      Yep, I know what you mean. I reckon that up to this plugin there’s nothing that fills the market niche that’s there. When the affiliate scheme starts shortly, I reckon this willbe an easy sell. ;-)


  3. Lisa Schwartz says:

    OK. Now I’m completely confused about what this plugin does. If we need Aweber, and Aweber has wordpress plugin to do essentially what you describe your plugin does, why do we really need your plugin if we use Aweber? Or does your plugin provide the ability to upload autoresponder/broadcast messages , create-manage lists, provide some list statistics, and send mail through our private SMTP server rather Aweber servers?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Because… You still have to do all the tiresome, tedious, bothersome work of setting up the autoresponder in the first place in Aweber. ;-)

      If like me you put up niche blogs that aren’t worth all the Aweber hassle, but you’d still like to gather a small mailing list, or at least test to see if your niche market responds to sign up forms, then this plugin is the easiest way to do it. Upload, activate, change a few settings and you’re ready to start gathering subscribers. I wouldn’t recommend putting this on any of your main sites – a service like Aweber is more suited for that. But for small niche blogs, this is perfect. And this is the time of the year you should be putting up these blogs with Christmas just around the corner. ;-)


  4. Terry Jett says:

    Dang it Frank, stop teasing me, LOL

    On a serious note I cannot wait to see this plugin. Like you, setting up campaigns for small niche blogs is just way too time consuming. Have tried and tried to make it easier and less time to implement but have never found a way.

    So, I am sitting here with my finger on the buy button:)


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Terry,

      You got it. I was stunned before I built this plugin that I couldn’t find one that someone else had done before me. Well, I did find one that was sort of okay, but it was written by a developer not a marketer, and it would only let you gather email addresses, and wouldn’t send broadcasts. This slots right into that niche and fills it.


  5. Hi Frank,
    Quick question….

    Have you tested this on a ‘Networked Blog’ Setup yet????

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mark,

      I haven’t. I know I’m delinquent on doing that for many of my plugins, and my only excuse is that I don’t run any networked blogs myself. And as I get these plugins developed for ME first, and everybody else second, I don’t have a strong incentive to do that.

      If somebody were to show me the benefits of running networked/multi-user blogs then I might see the light. ;-)


  6. Mike Kingston says:

    Hi Frank

    I agree that the big autoresponders are ‘bloated monsters’ and not fast (and someties ambiguous) to use.

    You don’t seem to have specified the licence for your aurtoresponder plugin. Is it for all personally owned blogs and does it also include offline clients. And how about sites for sale?

    When you reply to the above comments, will the system automatically send me an email with your reply, or to tell me that there is a reply with a link to this page? If not, there’s another plugin I would buy!

    I gave up commenting and asking real questions on comment forms ages ago, because I never knew if they were answered and if they were then I couldn’t find them in the great long list of comments. And that’s if I could even find the right page again anyway! Maybe that’s just my personal incompetence or ‘navigation blindness’, but I do find it frustrating and annoying. And no blog owner wants their visitors to leave feeling like that, do they?

    A well constructed email could provoke return visits to the blog and open the door to other sales messages and ‘Likes’ invitations etc. It would also add encouragement to commenters to enter their primary email.

    Maybe such a commenting email plugin already exists?