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09 March 2012

Offer Closed


Today Friday 9th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a pre-order sale for a really cool new plugin created by my new developer who I’m pleased to say is one of the most professional coders I’ve ever dealt with.

As usual I’ve had this plugin developed for my own purposes and I know you’ll find it very handy to own too.

It’s called Unique Ad Rotator (UAR) and allows you to run banner ads of varying sizes in your sidebars.

[pguar group=”1″]

Here’s why I had it developed.  On some of my blogs I run small 125×125 ads promoting various products.  I generally prefer static ads to moving ones as I personally find moving ads irritating, and I figure that if I do then so do other people – that’s my reasoning.

But sometimes you don’t always want the same ads to show the whole time.  Another plugin called Ads Manager (that I give away as a bonus with other plugins and themes) addresses part of that by allowing you to set rules as to when the ad should show, but it’s always the same ads on the same pages.

After some clunky testing I discovered that I got a better return if I varied the ads being displayed.  That was when I realised that what I needed was some slick method of swapping them out and replacing them with another one and this was how the idea for UAR was born.

Then there was a bit of thought and what we came up with was a very flexible method of creating a group and then adding in some ads to that group.  You can then place that ad group in your sidebar and at an interval decided by you, the ad will be replaced with the next one in the rotation.  It does this in real time.  :-)

The idea is you place an ad group (or several) and set your ad rotation to say 50-60 seconds or more.  That’s how I’ll be using it.

Your visitor lands on your site and sees the ads.  They click or not.  They read the post and scroll down as they go.  When they’re done they may either leave the site, leave a comment, or scroll up to the menus.

(I usually do at least one of the last two when I visit a site.  I may leave a comment, but whether I do or not I always go up to the menus at the top for a quick click around.  I think it’s reasonable to assume that if the site isn’t left right away that one of the other two will happen.)

When your visitor scrolls back up, they will see a completely different set of ads in your sidebar.  And then it’s click or not time again – maybe this new set of ads will appeal more to your visitor.  ;-)

Of course you don’t have to make every ad slot a rotator, you can still run some static ads where you know they convert well.

Finally, as the ads change in real time, I also asked for some nice javascript transitions between them so that if your visitor happens to have the ads in view, they’ll see them change and that will certainly warrant a second look.  ;-)

To recap…

You have ad groups.  You can set a default rotation time for the ads in the group.  You can add ads to the ad group.  You can override the rotation time etc for each ad so that some stay longer or shorter.  You can set an ad size for the group.  The ads have cool looking javascript transitions.

This is a PRE-ORDER sale.  We’re putting the final touches to the plugin now and it will probably be available on Monday 12th, but I didn’t think it was worth delaying the traditional weekend sale that so many people like.

The PRE-ORDER sale for this brand new plugin will start today Friday 9th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).  The earlier you buy, the lower the price.

The sale pricing will work like this:-

1-25 = $10.00
26-50 = $12.50
51-100 = $15.00
100+ = $27.00

Offering these low prices to you is my way of saying thank you for being a subscriber.

At 6.00pm today I’ll drop you a line with a link to the sale details.

-Frank Haywood

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