Two ADDITIONAL Sales Helpers Plugins

20 January 2012

Offer Closed


Yes this is another “two-fer” sale – TWO plugins for the price of one.

People LIKE these.  :-)

But first…  Before I tell you about this new sale…

A few weeks ago I ran a nickel sale for two OTHER sales helper plugins.  The sale is currently still live (I’m taking it down after this weekend) and you can get to it here if you missed it:-


Back to the new ones…

TODAY I’m starting a NEW weekend sale for two other “sales helper” plugins.

#1 – The first plugin allows you to add a special offer to your sidebar that counts down, expires and disappears.  It’s cookie driven and won’t re-appear if the visitor refreshes the page (unless you want it to).

I’ve been using this to good effect on a few of my own sites since I saw this in use when visiting other sites.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been tempted more than once by seeing a little countdown timer and I’ve eventually just HAD to click it before the time ran out just so I could see what it was before it was too late.

Curiousity is a wonderfully powerful emotion, and I’ve always figured if it works so well on me then it will work really well on other people too.

Including your visitors…  ;-)

#2 – The second plugin has been designed directly to enhance your sales copy.

It works by allowing you to present short and snappy single lines of copy with a little “show” link that your visitor can click on to view more detail about the benefit or feature.

It turns out that people think this is really groovy as it allows them to skim through sales copy looking at short bulleted style information that they can then expand out if something in particular catches their eye or interest.

[pgte-group][pgte-short]Try clicking the “show” link on the following line:-

Think about this…[pgte-full]There are two types of people that hit your sales pages.  The readers and the skimmers.

I’ve found that what I do is I read the headline, then I read the first sentence or two, scroll down to some bullets, then all the way down to see the price.  Sometimes I might read some more sales copy if it looks interesting enough.  Occasionally I’ll go back and read the whole lot.

Increasingly often I find myself jumping right to the bottom to take a look at the PSes.

(TIP: Your second PS should contain your most important message as most people read that first…)

And then very occasionally I might also watch a video if I think I need a bit more information before I buy, but not very often as videos are always low on my priority list.  That’s just how I work…

When I’ve talked to other marketers about this behaviour, it looks like it’s fairly typical.  Some people prefer to watch a video, but of the group who prefer sales copy, I’m right in there as Mr Average.  ;-)

Here’s the interesting thing.

Someone I know is a mad tester.  He reckons that his best performing sales copy consists of little more than a headline, bullet points and testimonials, but also says it depends on the product being sold.

When I stopped to have a think about this, the bullet points angle probably makes a lot of sense as bulleted info allows you to absorb all the key points very quickly.  So people who get turned off by vast amounts of sales copy are okay with that method.

If they need to know more about each point, then they can just click it and it unfolds to reveal more detailed copy about that particular point.

This method actually has a double benefit and puts both you and your visitor in control.

Your visitor has a chance to happily skim your sales page very quickly because you’ve nicely bulleted it all out for them.

And because each block of revealed sales copy is specific detail about the point in question, they’re the ones making the decision to view it.

This is really important because what you’re doing is engaging your visitor, and drawing them into the message you’re trying to convey to them.[/pgte-full][/pgte-group]
And…  Because the block of revealed sales copy is much smaller than a full page, they’re very likely to read all of that section, then repeat the process for other bullet points, and eventually read the whole of your sales copy.

All in small easy to digest chunks.  ;-)

Is that cool or what?

Today Friday 20th January at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for these two ADDITIONAL sales helper plugins for just $10.

Watch out for the update to this post when it goes live.

-Frank Haywood

6 Responses to “Two ADDITIONAL Sales Helpers Plugins”

  1. Vince Andrews says:

    Hi, Frank

    I am truly sorry to put this here, but after leaving a coment on the last MST007 sale page a couple
    of weeks ago and also a support ticket that i had to put in the MST006 area, because there is no
    support area for MST007 in there. I requsting a link for MST007 download as the one i prebought
    some months ago will not access the download.

    I know that you are seriously busy and probably have not had time to go to the areas that i posted
    the request on.

    Would it be possible to send me a new link to the download.

    Many thanks for the time and effort that i know you put into your busines and pleasing us
    buyers, that i must say get great deals for top notch products.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Vince,

      I’m sorry about that – it looks like we have rats in the support databases or to put that another way at least some sort of spam infestation. At any rate something funny’s going on there and I think I’m going to have to move the support desk. What seems to be happening is when I search for some tickets I can’t see them, but if I look directly in the database there they are. And there’s a pile of spam clogging everything up too as it seems the spammers have worked out if they post spammy links there and then get those links indexed, it counts as a backlink to their sites.


      Anyway. My problem. I’ve just re-sent your delivery email so make sure to check your spam box just in case.

      All the best,


  2. Hey there Frank,

    I just grabbed your “Sales Helpers Plugins”. I Don’t know how I missed that one but apparently I did.

    Business is good and money is rolling in so I guess I can use the “I missed it because I’m too busy” excuse ;)

    In part at least I owe just how busy I am to you and your Plulgins Frank. It is hard for one of my local business clients to request something they want their site to do that I can’t help them with because of the Plugins I’ve bought from you.

    So of course I will be there with bells on @ 10:am Pacific.

    Thanks again for all your hard work my friend. Keep’m coming.

    Mike C.

    P.S. I will get the Bird Dogging Plugin Script plan I’ve referred to previously sketched out for you to look at with a Mind Map sometime in April. It will take me that long to get current contracts fulfilled.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for that, it’s nice to know you’re putting them to good use and it’s not just me that finds them useful. :-)

      Whenever you’re ready with that plugin, I’ve got some other things in the fire in the meantime. Speaking of which I’ve had my head down the last few weeks working on something big and I’m hoping to get that out in the next few days.

      Watch this space. ;)


  3. OK – Done and done.

    What I will also be using the Text Expander for is “Site Keys” pages I build for my clients.

    Most of them have URL’s, login and password information for numerous sites: WP Admin, Email Marketing Systems, Web Mail, Training Centers etc, etc.

    It all looks pretty jumbled up and too busy to be easily readable. It appears with this plugin I can just put the site name with the word “Show” next to it to reveal the URL and logins for that site.

    I’m always looking for ways to streamline things for my clients.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for the “Something BIG”. I now have your emails filtered to deliver a pop-up alert. No more missing out on Plugins Great.

    Thanks again Frank.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mike,

      Heh – that’s exactly why I had this built to keep things clean, but it didn’t occur to me that it could be used in this way – it sounds like a great use of the plugin. I wonder if I can get something built that does exactly what you need as it might be something that’s useful to a lot of people?

      How do you currently protect those “Site Keys” pages?