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Hi, my name is Frank Haywoood, and a couple of years ago I did one little thing to my blog that more than doubled my subscriber sign ups…

By doing absolutely nothing extra to my blog other than installing a Slide Up Ad with a strong call to action, then since then I’ve dramatically increased the number of conversions from visitors to subscribers.

I have proven beyond any measure of a doubt that putting a slide-up ad on my blog increased my mailing list sign-ups by 249% in the first week of use.

I know that sounds incredible, but it’s something that just can’t be ignored.

Slide Up Ads

  • 79 variants of templates.
  • Create your own templates.
  • Two different “Content Types”.
  • All photoshop PSDs for templates.

My stats for the 12 months leading up to the installation of the script were for approximately every 17 visitors, someone subscribes. I get a lot of repeat visitors who are already subscribed, so I’ve been okay with that figure of 17-1 and I thought it was pretty good for a blog.

But it turns out I was WRONG. Big time wrong.

By using a slide-up I immediately pushed that number up to nearly 6-1.

After a week of use I found I was getting a new subscriber for every 6 or 7 visitors – that’s just under 2.5 times more subscribers.

You have GOT to take notice of results like those, and it’s been one of the most amazing things I’ve seen.

For every 10 new subscribers you’ve been picking up from visitors to your sites, then suddenly you can push that number up to 25 from the same amount of visitors just by using this plugin.

Considering the industry standard rate that a subscriber to your mailing list can mean up to a dollar a month in income, then you have to ask yourself just what are you losing by not using it?


Okay, what about the feature set in more detail?


Simple to Use

Here’s a screen shot of part of the admin panel:-

Slide Up Ads Settings

And a picture of the drop-down rules:-

Slide Up Ads Rules Drop-down

The colour picker if you’re using a plain background:-

Color Picker

And the buttons that can be added to the slide up ad:-

Slide Up Ads visitor control buttons

Note in that last image that there’s the usual X (which always appears on the ad), an optional minimise button which will allow the visitors to close the ad for a period you decide, and also an optional power button which will close the ad permanently until you use the “Reset Viewers” check box on the admin panel settings page.

Cool huh?


Thanks Frank for this nice and powerful plug in..



You recommended this before for me, but didn't need it then. Now it has become timely, so I didn't let the opportunity go away. Ordered it.

-Sandor Verebi

Slide-Up Footer Ads:-

The HARD Way and the EASY Way

You can make it hard on yourself by using a standalone script, or you could take the much easier route with this plugin.

The HARD way – standalone script

The EASY way – WordPress Slide Up Ads plugin



Very nice plugin. Well done. I bought another popular plugin that included a footer ad like this but it was a pain to setup and didn't have the nice templates like yours. This plugin was easy to setup and get going without having to mess with a lot of other stuff so I like your plugin a lot better. The PSD files were a nice touch making it easy to customize the templates if wanted. Great job . . .



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-Frank Haywood

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