WordPress Sales Helper Redirection Plugins

Give Yourself Total Control And Build Excitement For Events and Special Offers On Complete Autopilot With
Two Great Plugins...

Automate events through WordPress and make them totally hands free...

fhHi, my name is Frank Haywood and today I’d like you to show you how you can completely automate your events and special offers through your WordPress blogs with the use of these two great plugins.

Imagine this…

You want to run a special offer like a nickel sale or other time based discount sale, or maybe you have a special event like a webinar or announcement that you want to build up the excitement for.

And then after the event is over, you want to make the page inaccessible.

Until today, you’d have to do it all manually.

Not any more, because…


…is the name of the game.

Here in this special deal today are TWO great plugins that allow you to automate the build up to your special events and offers, and then when it’s over, remove it all automatically.

Is that cool or what?

Countdown Redirect…

The first plugin allows you to set a time and a date for an event to start, and then place a countdown timer in the style of your choice on a post or page. Just wrap some HTML tags around a short code to make it appear any way you like on your page.

When the timer reaches ZERO, the page will then automatically redirect your readers off to the special offer page or in fact any URL you want.


When the time and date arrive the event automatically goes live!

You can even optionally add a widget in the sidebar, and when it reaches ZERO, have it display some other HTML which could include a link off to the offer page.

Once the plugin is active, just edit the page or post and you’ll find a new block where you can edit the details.

Post UnPublisher

You know how WordPress will let you set up a date and time for a page or post to be published? That’s cool, but what it doesn’t do is allow you to set a date and time for a page to be unpublished.

But there are circumstances where sometimes you want to remove access to a page such as when an event is over. Now you can do it automatically with this really cool plugin.

All you have to do is set the time and date for the post or page to be unpublished, check a box to activate it and update the page.




You can also optionally add a redirect URL that goes off to your official launch sales page once the offer period is over, just in case someone has bookmarked the special offer page. If you leave the redirect URL blank, then the regular WordPress 404 page will show instead.

The Result? A REAL Result!

Once these two plugins are installed and activated, the result is you can totally automate the lead up, start, and end of your special offers on your WordPress blog.

This means you can set it all up in advance and then just make sure plenty of people know about it before it all kicks off.

When the date and time of the event arrives and it all actually starts, you can be off doing something else such as taking a restful walk or sitting down to dinner.

Money Back Guarantee

I'm Backing Up My Offer To You
With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

I'll give you 100% of your money back if you don't like what you see.

Just ask for your money back within 60 days and you'll get every penny of your purchase back!

There is absolutely no risk!

-Frank Haywood


This Is What I Wanted!

The reason I had these plugins created is because they’re exactly what I needed myself.

In fact that’s why I have all my plugins created – for my own personal amusement use.

For a LONG time I wanted a method of easily being able to automate my sales so I could go do other stuff while they were going live. These plugins help me achieve that.

So there you go, I had them built for myself, but you will benefit from something I needed.

If you’re running a special offer and you want to make it more spicy to your readers, then all I can say is, these two plugins are a must buy.


Only $17


I'd love to get my hands on these, so count me in...


-Frank Haywood



Ease of use is always important with all of my plugins, and I'm sure you'll agree that both plugins are VERY easy to use.


Running an event like a time limited special offer is now made VERY easy with these two plugins. The automation for starting and ending your special offers pushes WordPress one step closer to the ultimate sales platform..


With a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain...

-Frank Haywood