Promo Tools Plugin Pre-launch Sale

03 November 2011

Offer Closed


In a few hours (at 6.00pm GMT, 2.00pm EST) I’ll be opening a 25-copies-only sale at $10.00 for the WordPress Promo Tools plugin.

This is one you really don’t want to miss, it’s one of the coolest little plugins I’ve ever created.  I did a short pre-launch for it a few months ago and then took it away, and it’s now about to go officially live.

If you’re a new subscriber or you missed it in the Spring, then this is your last chance to get it at a knock-down price.

Plugins like this one and other sales helper plugins I’ve released up to now will all come into play as part of a winning strategy to build your business that I’m going to share with you.

You.  Will.  See.  ;-)

Another month and you’ll be going “Ohhh!  That’s what he was on about!  Clever clogs…”

If you miss it, then you’re going to end up paying a LOT more than the price it is today, at a later date when the penny drops.

But for today if you’re fast you can get it at just $10.00 in this sale.  First come first served.

What does it do?

The Promo Tools plugin can help you by allowing you to easily create WordPress pages that you can fill with promo tools you create for your affiliates such as pre-written blog posts, articles, emails, forum signatures and banners.

(Click the images for larger versions.)

So once you’ve set up the tools, all an affiliate has to do is paste their aff link into the box at the top and every single promo tool on the page gets auto-populated with their affiliate link.

Here’s demo of an image link generated from the example code above.

Then they can copy the generated HTML code for banners etc and paste it directly into their web site.

It’s really cool to do this for your affiliates and you’ll benefit greatly from it too.

It makes the whole process a lot simpler for affiliates, and the easier it is then the more likely they are to promote for you.

It’s not always about percentage commission, sometimes it’s about how fast and easy it is to do, and if you make your affiliates have to jump through hoops, then it becomes more unlikely they’ll promote for you.

Use this plugin, and make it easy for them (and you).

At 6.00pm GMT (2.00pm EST) today (3rd November) this page will be updated with the buy button.

Please don’t get here too late and then end up writing to me to say you missed it.  This happens quite a lot.

This is a great little plugin and if you have any kind of aspirations towards becoming successful online, then you’re going to need this one.  It’s definitely one for your marketing arsenal.

-Frank Haywood

7 Responses to “Promo Tools Plugin Pre-launch Sale”

  1. Lars says:

    Cool Frank,
    I missed that before so I will snap a copy today.

    Take care / Lars

  2. Frank Haywood says:

    After sending the email out and posting this, I realised I should have said TWO pm EST, not 1.00pm EST. We changed our clocks last weekend and I guess that hasn’t happened yet in the US.


  3. James Dunn says:

    Hey Frank.

    I can’t figure out if I have this one already. What would it be called if I have it? I’ve got sooooo many of your great plugins that I can’t seem to locate this one.


    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi James,

      It would be called the same. I’m fairly certain you’ve got this and if not we can work something out. ;-)


  4. Lars says:

    Bought it. Thanks Frank.
    Are going to test it on one of my test-sites.

    Take care / Lars

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Lars,

      It’s great, and well worth the little bit of time in making it easy for your affiliates to promote. It was Mike Filsaime taught me a few years ago that it’s the little things combined together that make a big difference, and being to supply copy and paste code is a little thing but makes it SO easy for affiliates to promote for you. And because you’ve made it so easy, then the chances are they will. ;-)


  5. Hi Frank,

    Any chance this plugin will be released again?
    I would love to have it.

    Gail J Richardson