Get Plugins Pre-Launch Sale

17 October 2011

Offer Closed


On Tuesday 18th October at 6.00pm GMT I’m releasing a brand new plugin called “Get Plugins” that I had written for my own purposes and to tie in with the work I’m currently doing in the offline niches.

It’s amazingly useful and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before.

You know how when you install a new blog (or worse still you’re working with an existing one that might be a clients installation) and there are certain “must have” plugins that need installing?  Usually you can either FTP them all up at once (which is how I’ve done it up to now) or install them one at a time by using the browser uploader.

FTP is easy enough and I guess quick enough (unless there are lots of files in a plugin), but sometimes if you’re working with someone else’s blog, they don’t give you (or don’t want to give you, or sometimes they don’t know) their FTP details.

So then you’re stuck with having to upload them all via the browser or search through the WordPress repository in the admin panel and adding them that way.  It’s a pain.

Either way it can take a long time if you have about 15-20 standard plugins to install.  Especially if you’re working with several new blogs per day.

What this new plugin does is allow you to set up your list of plugin locations in advance, and the plugin will go fetch them from wherever they’re located and install them all for you.

This can be a location in the WordPress repository for free plugins you’re using, or a location on one of your own domains if it’s a premium plugin.

All you have to do is know the URL where each zip is located and either do a quick copy and paste into a box, or just upload a text file with all the URLs in.  For extra speed you can even add the text file into the plugin zip if you want to and the plugin will find it when it’s uploaded.

So now instead of installing all your plugins one at a time, you get to install the whole lot in one go.

Pretty cool eh?

When you click the “Submit” button, then all the plugins in the list are retrieved concurrently and independently of the others, so there’s no waiting for each one to complete before the next one starts – they all run at the same time.  :-)

The pre-launch sale will start Tuesday 18th October at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), and I’ll send you more details and a reminder before then.

I wonder if you have any suggestions for some favourite plugins you’d like to see in the default text file list of plugins we include?  If you do, please leave the full URL of the zip file AND the page it’s on when you make the comment.

-Frank Haywood

20 Responses to “Get Plugins Pre-Launch Sale”

  1. Pol vanRhee says:

    Here’s my list:
    cbnet Ping Optimizer

    Contact Form 7

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Google XML Sitemap for Videos

    Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress

    Local Search SEO Contact Page

    Login Lock

    SEO Friendly Images

    SEO Slugs


    Simple Pull Quote (This should be part of PG Big Ed, don’t you think?)

    TinyMCE Advanced

    WordPress SEO by Yoast

    WP 404 images fix


    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Of course it would be great to have all the PG plugins we own to show up as an option (maybe a link to buy the ones people don’t already have)

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Pol,

      Brilliant thank you (got your email BTW, will answer later today).

      It’s very easy to add your purchased plugins to the list, just upload them somewhere obscure, then add the location to your list and drop it back in the zip. Then when you upload and activate the plugin zip, all of them will show in the list and can be pulled and installed.

      I still can’t figure out why I didn’t think of this before.

      All the times I’ve sat waiting while uploading them all by FTP when this does it in seconds. I think it’s a case of you get used to doing things in one way and you don’t even think of doing them in any other.

      And yeah I like that pull quote one. I’d never heard of a pull quote before, but that’s very effective for getting text to stand out.


    • Killer list Pol,

      Thanks for this.

      Mike C.

  2. richard says:

    Hi Frank,

    Is there a way to clone the settings of the plugins if we want. The hard part is setting the plugin settings such as credentials, license number etc – only optional so if I will use this to clients then I can turn-off this functionality.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Richard,

      I can’t think of any easy standardised way of storing settings as all plugins do it differently, and they all pretty much create their own tables to store the information in. I guess it could be done (maybe), but unless I can come up something better it would be a very flaky way of doing it and would probably break with the next update of any plugin.

      Let’s say no for now, sorry.


  3. James Dunn says:

    This will be wonderful. Right now, I have a folder with ALL the potential plug-ins that I would use and I just upload that folder. Once the site is operational, I delete any that I definitely will not use and leave any that I might potentially use in the future. I had planned to create a CLONE that I could just deploy whenever I wanted to build a new site, but I use different themes so the clone is not so easy either. I primarily build using the Genesis platform and we’re up to 40 child themes (plus some that I’ve built) so the theme folder alone would be huge. Using this method I can pull all the plug-ins quickly and then once I decide on a theme I can just load that theme. Seems a little smarter to me.

    Thanks again Frank for the tool. I’ll hopefully have some suggestions for you as well.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi James,

      Same problem here. It’s great to use Clone and Backup to put up new sites, but when you start working with existing blogs for clients, you’re stuck with uploading the whole lot by FTP and it can sometimes take a quite a while especially with plugins like Big Ed that have a couple of hundred files.

      But now you’ve mentioned themes, I’m just sitting here wondering if I shouldn’t have included themes too. I tend to build and select one and just upload that by FTP, but I can see how it would be good to be able to do it all in one go. Hmm… Thinking…


  4. Jack says:

    A few more that come in very handy if it’s not too late to add in.

    All in one seo pack
    better wp security
    easy privacy pages
    exclude pages
    wp super cache

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Jack,

      It’s a bit close now. We can add them later, or you can just unzip and edit the text file to your own preference and then zip it back up again. ;-)

      Cool eh?


  5. Scott says:

    This plugin saves 20+ minutes on the process that follows every WP installation –

    Core Tweaks WordPress Setup –

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Scott,

      Pretty cool. :-)

      I’ve just added the link you supplied to the list, thanks for that.


  6. Joe Kennedy says:

    Fantastic links. Thanks.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Joe,

      Yeah, it’s amazing what turns up when you ask people! ;-)


  7. James Dunn says:

    Hey Frank.

    I know this is outside the scope of what this is supposed to do, but I had been meaning to write you with this suggestion. It would be nice if this (or another plugin) could access the plugin repository like the existing “Add” function does, but instead of choosing ONE from the list, you could choose multiples and upload them. Sometimes when I’m searching for the plugin that does “just what I’m looking for” it would be nice to upload all the candidates that I find in the repository and then activate them one at a time until I find the one(s) that do what I wanted. I recently ran into that situation when looking for a plugin to do a specific task. There were about 15 or so that “might” work, but I had to upload them each one at a time until I found what worked best.

    Hey, do I smell another plugin from the Frank Haywood vault?

  8. Hi Frank,

    I have some suggestions:

    Please, consider the possibility to add an option to get the plugins stored inside a password protected folder.

    Now that you’re on this, you could also create a pool of user’s favorite plugins and ideas. You know: Vote & comment using a service like or a similar solution (BTW, I’d wish a WP plugin with this functionality).

    I like the idea of adding themes as well.

    Thanks for listening,

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Diego,

      In my notes for future versions are a couple of sentences that say something like “Make it social.” ;-)

      I *nearly* held off releasing this, and going that different route but I’m a great believer in moving fast, getting it out there and making it better later. So don’t worry, I’m on that aspect of it, but I think it will be a little different from what you see today.


  9. Well you’ve done it again Frank.

    ANOTHER Great Plugin I can’t live without.

    Can’t imagine working with WordPress and no Frank Haywood plugins.

    Keep it up my friend. You know I’ll be back for more.

    Mike C.

  10. Paul Bryant says:

    Hi Frank

    Just been looking at you plugin, seems fantastic, im on my way to purchase now.

    Just one thing before i do.
    You have created a Plugin that installs the Plugins for you.

    What about a plugin that installs the themes for you can that be done?