Free WordPress Plugins

More plugins and more details coming soon, but…

If you want to get a hold of the Redirection and SMTP Throttle plugins, just subscribe using the box in the top right hand of the sidebar.

When you confirm you’ll get sent them by email.

Redirection is an extremely useful Internet Marketing plugin that allows you to redirect pages and even posts using your affiliate link.  ;-)

The SMTP Throttle plugin enables you to use SMTP to send emails from your blog.  But in addition, the big benefit of this is that it will limit the number of emails that are sent out within a time limit you decide.  It will queue any emails that go over the quantity/time limit and send them in the next available slot, and so on until all emails are sent.  It’s important to do this so that you don’t go over your web host or ISP limit for sending emails out.

Both cool plugins to own I’m sure you’ll agree.

-Frank Haywood

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