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13 April 2012

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Today at 6.00pm GMT I’m releasing a brand new plugin requested by several customers over the last few weeks.  I thought it was a great idea (I also thought it was only me) and so we’ve gone ahead and put it together.

Here’s the problemIf you have less than 5 blogs, then it’s fairly easy to keep on top of them in terms of updates.  You see a “nag” to update in the WordPress admin panel, you test it out on your test blog and then apply the update to each of your blogs.

Some you may even trust to go ahead and update without testing first…

We used to do that and apply updates willy nilly until we had three blogs killed after a plugin update (didn’t find out until a few days later), and on another occasion a theme update broke all the styling on one of our other sites.  Luckily we keep backups and copies of older plugins and themes, but it’s a pain to have to do some unscheduled work like that.

However, if you have more than say 10 blogs, it starts to become a bit of a nightmare to  apply all the updates and it seems to me that every time I log into a blog now, I need to do an update and I’m really tired of it.

I’ve even stopped using some plugins such as All-In-One SEO because of all the unnecessary updates.  (I use Short Code SEO now, hehe.)

(Does AIO-SEO REALLY need updating every week?  Of course not, it’s just an attention seeking trick – I can’t believe there are truly that many updates needed.  Surely an update every 3 months would be fine, wouldn’t it?)

On top of this, we also run blogs for some clients who like to go in and add their own content from time to time.  The last thing we want is for them to see there’s an update needs applying as they might just go ahead and do it themselves and break their site.

Then who has to drop everything to fix it?

This was the same problem we had reported by customers where they were getting phone calls from clients asking “Does this need updating?  What does it mean?”

This new plugin fixes all that.

Once activated, all the nags disappear (optional) and when an update needs applying it sends an email out to an email address you specify instead.  (Or to multiple addresses if you want.)

You can even add some users to the settings who WILL see the nags.  So that’s ideal if you’re a consultant to prevent your clients from seeing they (think they) need updates.  But you can still see them when you log into their blog.


I’ve started installing it on all my blogs this week and now expect my life to get less annoying.  ;-)

Now you might be thinking to yourself “Ah, hang on Frank, those updates might be necessary to keep my blog secure and I always need to apply them, don’t I?”

Well, my thought on this is if was so important to always apply every update, then why haven’t the WordPress development team built it right into WordPress?

Why give you the choice and let you do it manually instead?

The answer is they know that a bad plugin or theme update like I’ve experienced can kill hundreds or thousands of blogs and they don’t think it’s safe to auto-update.

I agree.

They haven’t even put that into WordPress as an option and it would be so easy to do.

So starting today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) is a weekend sale for my new plugin that disables those annoying nags and sends you an email instead.

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-Frank Haywood

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