Content Replacement Weekend Sale

09 December 2011

Offer Closed


Following last weeks sales helper nickel sale, I’ve had some emails (hi Joe, Phillip, and Amy!) asking about how they could automatically publish and unpublish PARTS of a page or post rather than the whole thing.

Well, I have a plugin that does that (now at v1.1.2) and it’s dead easy to use and incredibly useful.

It complements the plugins I released last week perfectly.

After installing and activating, you’ll see a new block on every page or post called “Content Replacement”.  You simply click the “Add” button, then add the HTML snippet you want to show and give it an optional date and a time range and click “Save”.  You’re then given a [short-code-tag] to add to your post.


Copy and paste this into your page or post where you want the snippet to appear, and that’s it.

What will then happen is that when the start time is reached, the HTML snippet will display on your page or post.  When the end time is reached, the snippet disappears.

(A nice little bonus side effect is if you want to permanently add some PHP or javascript to a particular page, you can just set the start and end to “Any Date” and paste the short code in.)

Here’s a poorly kept little secret.  This Content Replacement plugin is what I use to start and end these weekend sales that I run.  ;-)

I simply create a HTML snippet with either a link to a sales page or a PayPal payment button, and set it to appear when the sale goes live.  At the end of the weekend it unpublishes itself.  I also create a second snippet that publishes itself at the end of the sale to say “offer closed.”  Then finally I set up a broadcast email to go out a minute or two before the sale starts.

That means I can be off out gallivanting or sitting at the dining table with the family, safe in the knowledge that the whole thing will start and end without me doing a thing.

(One time I set it all up in advance, went away for the weekend and found an extra $1100 in my PayPal account when I got back.)

Is that cool or what?


And of course you don’t just have to end the sale, you can also use it to change the price by stacking up a series of snippets which publish and unpublish themselves at different times.

If you don’t already have this plugin, the sale starts today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at just $10 for the first 25 sales.

If you’re a subscriber, I’ll drop you a line when it starts, be there or be square.

-Frank Haywood

4 Responses to “Content Replacement Weekend Sale”

  1. Tony says:

    Frank, remember that some of your clients (like me!) are in a different time-zone.

    So think about us!


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Tony,

      It’s an eternal problem. I have customers all over the world and it almost doesn’t matter what time I run the sale at, it’s the wrong time for some of them. ;-)

      I can’t even do it by geo-location either as it’s relatively easy to hide your real location by using a proxy. :roll:


  2. Hi Frank,

    will you be offering this plug-in again any time soon as it would be awesome for me to use when I’m offering a time limited free download.



  3. Tony says:

    Frank, p.s.. I am wondering if your sales would not be much higher if you would for instance make sure your existing clients get it anyway.

    I missed out on some of them because of the time difference. I a hear from many of my own clients that they are getting frustrated with these types of dime-sales.

    Upto you.