Clone and Backup 2 Day Sale

22 December 2011

Offer Closed


I’d like to call this a weekend sale, but I thought I’d finish up before Christmas with v2 of a plugin called Clone and Backup.

I first released this plugin in January this year at v1 and it’s gone through several changes and bugfixes until we finally have v2.  If you purchased it before now, just go back to your personal download page and get the new version as there’s no upgrade fee for early buyers.  I decided to do that because we had quite a few problems with the first few versions and different server configs.

The original version was lightning fast (5 seconds or less) but we ran into problems with servers that couldn’t handle the speed or the (sometimes) massive file sizes generated and it caused failures.  So we slowed everything down by splitting things up into smaller chunks and it’s now much more reliable for everyone.

We think we made the right compromise of reliability over speed, and I haven’t seen any problems since we did that.

What does the plugin do?

It will clone or backup (to a zip file) your WordPress blog and optionally it will include non-WordPress files too.


The clone function allows you to specify another domain on another server (target) and it will FTP your entire source blog to that domain and install WordPress for you.  All the menu permalinks are auto-adjusted to the target domain so that they don’t point back to the source.

This means that if you’re in the habit of installing lots of WordPress blogs (like we do), you can create a standard source blog with all your favourite themes and plugins installed and activated, and clone the entire thing to another domain.  You then have a really good starting point to set the site up the way you want it.

Or you can just use it to backup your existing blog to a zip file and download it.

Or for speed, you can specify the FTP details for a backup server on the settings page.


You then just check a box and click the “Process Now” button, and the blog is zipped up and sent to your backup server.

Or you can even do all of the above at the same time.  It’s pretty cool.


You’ve probably seen plugins like this priced at $47 to $97 (it’s hard to get this right and the prices reflect it), but today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) you can pick up Clone and Backup in this final 25-copies-only sale at just $17.

In the new year, the plugin will go on sale at its regular (much higher) price on its own web site, so this is your last chance to get what I think is the bargain of the year.  ;-)

-Frank Haywood

16 Responses to “Clone and Backup 2 Day Sale”

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Frank

    I have almost all the cloners out there, backup buddy, twin, backup creator, flipme clone
    and a couple others that I’ve forgotten about and I’ve had problem with all of them.
    They have problems with large sites. They will time out or have incomplete zip files
    that i have to delete.

    Have you found a solution to this? Small sites are not a problem, the large ones with
    500 or more megs are.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Jack,

      We hit exactly the same issues – not for ourselves, but on sites owned by early buyers. The problem is usually one of two things. Either the domain has CPU time limited by the web host (causes timeouts), or there’s not enough space to do large zips in a single pass.

      We’ve got around both problems in most cases by zipping up chunks of the blog and then adding those zips to the main zip. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than it was originally. You can alleviate the space problem by making sure both the source and target domains have (ideally) two and half times the space already used by the blog. With reseller and some shared hosting accounts you can allocate large amounts of space to a domain, but because it’s in a pool of storage with your other domains you don’t actually reach your limits. So you shouldn’t avoid trying that out as part of the solution.

      For my own part, my main domains are on a dedicated server (I’m moving to a couple of VPSes shortly) so storage and CPU time isn’t a problem for me, but I also have a reseller hosting account and Clone And Backup also works fine on there as long as I’m careful about storage allocation to the domains. I’ve actually cloned my domain including all non-WordPress files which amounts to over 3.5GB and it’s worked fine. Takes minutes to do, but it works.

      The compromise we had to go to was speed of backup for more reliability.

      Nothing will ever be perfect unless you’ve got unlimited CPU and storage, and even then you might hit other web host applied restrictions we haven’t thought of. It’s a difficult one to pull off, and that’s why you see such high prices for programs of this type.


  2. Frank, I ask you to please contact me because I bought your WP autoresponder plugin and haqve not been able to get any support. It will not upload and I have tried all your suggestions in the instructions. I have left several PM’s on W.F. and have not heard from you at all yet I see you selling new items just about everyday. Please honor your support like a Warrior should. Ed

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Ed,

      I don’t visit the WF that much (busy doing stuff), so I won’t see your PMs on there. There’s a support desk at where the plugin developer will help you out with your problem directly. (Cool huh?) Please leave your FTP and WP admin panel details so it can all be checked out for you.


  3. Ok Frank,

    What am I missing here? Where is the “Buy Now” button or link?

    I have your email announcements set up in an alert that pops up your emails upon delivery.

    So I can’t possibly be late to class and missed the sale.

    No buy link in your email either. Please send me a buy now link.

    Mike C.

    • Thanks for the quick response Frank.

      I know I’ll LOVE this one.


      • Oh and ditto on what Jack said about “Backup Creator”. I had similar problems with backing up WP sites over half a gig and have several that are a gig or more.

        Thanks again for making the extra effort here on version 2.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mike,

      Hehe and thank you. The sale went live at 6.00pm GMT, so you jumped the gun by nearly an hour. :-)


  4. Chuck says:

    I have a website I want to move to another host AND a different domain name. Can I do that with this?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Yep, that’s exactly what the Clone part of Clone and Backup will do. ;-)

      I know what and why you’re asking though. Some of the other solutions out there will only clone on cPanel, and even then, some will only work with addon domains. Clone and Backup will work with non-cPanel and domains hosted on different servers in different parts of the world. Otherwise, what’s the point? :roll:

      (As an aside, one competitor product actually sends your FTP details to their central server to do part of the processing. Being kind I’d say that’s because they’re trying to stop people from swiping their code and seeing how they’ve done it, but the thought also went through my mind that they were gathering a lot of login details for customers domains that they really don’t have the right to do so…)


  5. Chuck says:

    I just bought, but it didn’t come as a zip file.
    I like to upload plugins from WP dashboard. Is it possible to get a zip file?
    If I have to FTP will the readme file in there mess it up?

  6. wayne says:

    Hi Frank,
    like jack above I have bought most of the cloners out there, and the best so far has been backup creator but even that struggles with one of my blogs (over 3 gig) so im looking forward to trying this, I am more interested in backing up my sites rather than moving them. I appreciate your honesty in pointing pointing out how difficult the larger blogs are to clone. heres hoping yours does the trick!



  7. Art Leslie says:

    Frank ….

    Once again … you come out with something I need just when I need it.
    Planning a move of two WP sites to a new hosting account with SSL.

    I was just about to start looking for all the programs that have been mentioned
    here. :(

    NOW I don’t have to. :)

    Thanks …

    (Now, can I put in an order for next thing I’ll need? …. LOL)

  8. Frank Haywood says:

    Hi Marc,

    Sorted. Sorry about the delay. Other comments deleted. ;-)