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06 April 2012

Update: The (long) weekend sale is now LIVE at $10.00 total for both plugins.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a “two-fer” – a 2 for 1 sale for two great little plugins.  As usual, both plugins were created because I need them in my own business efforts and I’m sure you’ll find them useful too.

The first plugin is called Backlink Indexer and will help you get backlinks indexed by Google.  The idea here is that it’s no use outsourcing a pile of backlinks if they don’t get indexed, right?

The Backlink Indexer will accept a list of URLs and then display a few of them at a time on a (preferably disposable) blog of yours and then check Google periodically until all the links are indexed.  As Google regularly checks blogs for updates, the links you put on there will eventually get spidered and indexed and your backlink will register.

Just what you want.  ;-)

It will also attempt (with varying degrees of success) to submit the links to RSS directories in order to get them indexed.

I know there are some expensive paid services out there that will do this kind of thing for you, but now you can do it almost for free with the help of a disposable blog (just in case it gets de-indexed) and a bit of copy and paste.

If you don’t yet understand why you would want this, it’s so you can cheaply outsource a pile of backlinks, then make sure they’re all indexed yourself from the list the outsourcer supplies you with after they’ve done their job.  ;-)

The second plugin is called Page Rotator and as it turns out does quite a lot more than I’d originally thought of when I realised I needed something like this.

While using it I discovered a very useful little side-effect I hadn’t intended when I had it created.  That side-effect actually got a niche site ranking much higher completely by accident…

What happened was I put some pages in rotation on my niche blog, and then after a couple of days I started checking to see how the site was ranking.  To my pleasant surprise it was in the #6 position almost immediately, but then dropped to page 4, then page 2, and then back to page 1 in #6 position again.

I realised that Google liked one of the pages better than the others so I looked at it closely using SEO Quake to decide which keywords were used on the page that helped it rank so well for my target phrase, and compared them to the pages that didn’t do so well.  Then I made another page using the same content, and then changed it slightly to favour the keywords that I thought were making the difference.

Ta-daa!  With a bit of tweaking and testing I got that site to #4 pretty much based on good on-page SEO, and then with a bit of backlinking it’s now bouncing between the #2 and #4 slots.

I have some ideas on how to put that into #1 slot with some extra on-page SEO and another plugin I’m having developed, but more on that another time when I’ve tested it all out.  ;-)

The sale for both plugins – Backlink Indexer and Page Rotator will start today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and I’ll update this page with a buy button when the sale goes live.

Comments and questions are welcome.

-Frank Haywood

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