Disable Update Nags Plugin

13 April 2012

Update: The sale is now LIVE at just $17.00.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT I’m releasing a brand new plugin requested by several customers over the last few weeks.  I thought it was a great idea (I also thought it was only me) and so we’ve gone ahead and put it together.

Here’s the problemIf you have less than 5 blogs, then it’s fairly easy to keep on top of them in terms of updates.  You see a “nag” to update in the WordPress admin panel, you test it out on your test blog and then apply the update to each of your blogs.

Some you may even trust to go ahead and update without testing first…

We used to do that and apply updates willy nilly until we had three blogs killed after a plugin update (didn’t find out until a few days later), and on another occasion a theme update broke all the styling on one of our other sites.  Luckily we keep backups and copies of older plugins and themes, but it’s a pain to have to do some unscheduled work like that.

However, if you have more than say 10 blogs, it starts to become a bit of a nightmare to  apply all the updates and it seems to me that every time I log into a blog now, I need to do an update and I’m really tired of it.

I’ve even stopped using some plugins such as All-In-One SEO because of all the unnecessary updates.  (I use Short Code SEO now, hehe.)

(Does AIO-SEO REALLY need updating every week?  Of course not, it’s just an attention seeking trick – I can’t believe there are truly that many updates needed.  Surely an update every 3 months would be fine, wouldn’t it?)

On top of this, we also run blogs for some clients who like to go in and add their own content from time to time.  The last thing we want is for them to see there’s an update needs applying as they might just go ahead and do it themselves and break their site.

Then who has to drop everything to fix it?

This was the same problem we had reported by customers where they were getting phone calls from clients asking “Does this need updating?  What does it mean?”

This new plugin fixes all that.

Once activated, all the nags disappear (optional) and when an update needs applying it sends an email out to an email address you specify instead.  (Or to multiple addresses if you want.)

You can even add some users to the settings who WILL see the nags.  So that’s ideal if you’re a consultant to prevent your clients from seeing they (think they) need updates.  But you can still see them when you log into their blog.


I’ve started installing it on all my blogs this week and now expect my life to get less annoying.  ;-)

Now you might be thinking to yourself “Ah, hang on Frank, those updates might be necessary to keep my blog secure and I always need to apply them, don’t I?”

Well, my thought on this is if was so important to always apply every update, then why haven’t the WordPress development team built it right into WordPress?

Why give you the choice and let you do it manually instead?

The answer is they know that a bad plugin or theme update like I’ve experienced can kill hundreds or thousands of blogs and they don’t think it’s safe to auto-update.

I agree.

They haven’t even put that into WordPress as an option and it would be so easy to do.

So starting today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) is a weekend sale for my new plugin that disables those annoying nags and sends you an email instead.

You can leave comments or ask questions below.

-Frank Haywood

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Backlinks and Rotations

06 April 2012

Update: The (long) weekend sale is now LIVE at $10.00 total for both plugins.

Buy now


Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a “two-fer” – a 2 for 1 sale for two great little plugins.  As usual, both plugins were created because I need them in my own business efforts and I’m sure you’ll find them useful too.

The first plugin is called Backlink Indexer and will help you get backlinks indexed by Google.  The idea here is that it’s no use outsourcing a pile of backlinks if they don’t get indexed, right?

The Backlink Indexer will accept a list of URLs and then display a few of them at a time on a (preferably disposable) blog of yours and then check Google periodically until all the links are indexed.  As Google regularly checks blogs for updates, the links you put on there will eventually get spidered and indexed and your backlink will register.

Just what you want.  ;-)

It will also attempt (with varying degrees of success) to submit the links to RSS directories in order to get them indexed.

I know there are some expensive paid services out there that will do this kind of thing for you, but now you can do it almost for free with the help of a disposable blog (just in case it gets de-indexed) and a bit of copy and paste.

If you don’t yet understand why you would want this, it’s so you can cheaply outsource a pile of backlinks, then make sure they’re all indexed yourself from the list the outsourcer supplies you with after they’ve done their job.  ;-)

The second plugin is called Page Rotator and as it turns out does quite a lot more than I’d originally thought of when I realised I needed something like this.

While using it I discovered a very useful little side-effect I hadn’t intended when I had it created.  That side-effect actually got a niche site ranking much higher completely by accident…

What happened was I put some pages in rotation on my niche blog, and then after a couple of days I started checking to see how the site was ranking.  To my pleasant surprise it was in the #6 position almost immediately, but then dropped to page 4, then page 2, and then back to page 1 in #6 position again.

I realised that Google liked one of the pages better than the others so I looked at it closely using SEO Quake to decide which keywords were used on the page that helped it rank so well for my target phrase, and compared them to the pages that didn’t do so well.  Then I made another page using the same content, and then changed it slightly to favour the keywords that I thought were making the difference.

Ta-daa!  With a bit of tweaking and testing I got that site to #4 pretty much based on good on-page SEO, and then with a bit of backlinking it’s now bouncing between the #2 and #4 slots.

I have some ideas on how to put that into #1 slot with some extra on-page SEO and another plugin I’m having developed, but more on that another time when I’ve tested it all out.  ;-)

The sale for both plugins – Backlink Indexer and Page Rotator will start today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and I’ll update this page with a buy button when the sale goes live.

Comments and questions are welcome.

-Frank Haywood

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Full PLR Licence Multiple Streams Themes 001

18 March 2012

Last weekend I told you about a developer licenced theme that only had *limited* PLR (you couldn’t sell it) and I watched with interest at the response it got.

Clearly themes with PLR are something you want.

Well okay then.

How about one of my very own Multiple Streams Themes with PLR?  And not limited PLR either, let’s go for the good stuff and a “sell it as if it’s your own” deal instead.


Here we go then, these are the rights to the theme.

[Yes] For personal use.
[Yes] May use on as many WordPress blogs as you personally own.
[Yes] May use on client sites in multiple instances.
[Yes] May use when blog flipping.
[Yes] Private Label Rights – rebrand and sell for a minimum $10.
[Yes] Resale Rights – only you have the right to sell the theme.
[No] Master Resale Rights.
[No] Sell Private Label Rights.
[No] May give away for free.

These are the rights to Ads Manager.

[Yes] For personal use.
[Yes] May use on as many WordPress blogs as you personally own.
[Yes] May distribute ONLY when selling a theme – any paid-for theme is fine.
[Yes] May use on client sites in multiple instances.
[Yes] May use when blog flipping.
[No] Private Label Rights.
[No] Resale Rights.
[No] Master Resale Rights.
[No] May give away for free.

The theme in question is the very first Multiple Streams Theme 001.  You can see a demo of it here:-


and videos showing its installation and usage here, plus how Ads Manager works:-


If you’ve used Ads Manager (now at v1.0.3), then you know what a smoking hot plugin it is.

Here’s the deal.  Two deals actually to suit you depending on your circumstances.

Both of these are really sweetened up with the additional right to distribute with the theme the brilliant Ads Manager.  You can’t sell Ads Manager on its own, and you don’t have PLR to it, but you can sell the theme (minimum $10) and include Ads Manager with it.


Deal #1If you already have the theme, then you get a PLR licence ONLY for it – no theme files as part of this deal.  This will allow you to completely rebrand the theme as if it were your own.  And you also get a licence to redistribute Ads Manager with the theme (or any other paid-for theme) if you want to.

PLR Licence Only (includes PSDs but not the theme) plus Ads Manager plugin – $17

Buy now


Deal #2 – If you don’t already have the theme, then you get everything in deal #1 plus the theme included too.

PLR Licence PLUS the theme (and PSDs) with Ads Manager plugin included – $27

Buy now


This PLR deal is an experiment as well as a fantastic bargain.  People LOVE WordPress themes and this one has been designed to create sites that bring in multiple streams of income and supplies you with all the ads plus the graphics you need to do so.

It’s an ideal product and opportunity for you to add your own income stream to your business.

If I get a good response to this offer then I’ll consider doing it again.  If not, then I wont…  ;-)


-Frank Haywood

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Short Code SEO

15 March 2012

Offer Closed


Update: Short Code SEO is now available for download. Just go back to your personal download page to get your copy.


This new plugin is from an idea by regular Mike C (hi Mike!) who has been threatening me with telling me about this idea of his for a while now.  ;-)

He finally shared it with me and I think it’s pretty damn cool so we started work on a prototype last week.

As we’ve all discussed it back and forth at this end it’s sort of grown a bit from the orginal idea, and I was amazed to read an email today about a WSO that does some of what I’ve asked to be added to my own plugin.

I actually don’t think this other WSO is as good as what we’re doing, and it’s a lot more money.  (It sort of makes me wonder if I charge enough for my products, but there you go.)

What does my new plugin do?

First, it enables you to create short codes with any content you wish and add them to your site.  This content includes HTML so you can pretty much put anything you like in them.


Let me explain Mike’s specific problem.  He has local business clients who are expanding into new geographical areas.  They know that it’s a good idea to take out new domains for the new areas they’re moving into.  That allows them to put a local tracking phone number on their new site so they can see where the calls are coming from.

As a side-effect they can also use it to take out a new Google places entry for their new region.

Mike clones the original site to the new domains and then has to go through the sites changing addresses and phone numbers etc.  What should be a 30 minute job can end up taking all day.

So what we’ve done is created a plugin that comes with some built in values such as street name, postal code, phone number etc – you can also add your own of course.  These are then used as short code tags on your (or your client’s) site.  When you clone the site to a new domain then it’s a 5 minute job to change these values and see every instance of them change on the new domain.

Pretty good so far yes?

Then we had the bright idea of adding in some SEO to the mix.  ;-)

You’ll also be able to specify that the built in shortcodes (plus any that you add) should also optionally create meta “name” tags and place the detail in the header area of the blog.

It turns out there are some very useful meta names in existence, but not so many people know about them.

Examples of some of these meta name tags are contactStreetAddress1, contactZipCode, geo.position and geo.region.  Together these tell search engines like Google exactly where your business is based.  So your header might contain something like this:-

<meta name=”contactName” content=”John Smith”>
<meta name=”contactOrganization” content=”XYZ Company” />
<meta name=”contactStreetAddress1″ content=”999 High Street” />
<meta name=”contactCity” content=”Big City” />
<meta name=”contactState” content=”Independence” />
<meta name=”contactZipCode” content=”ABC123″ />
<meta name=”contactCountry” content=”Mordor” />
<meta name=”contactPhoneNumber” content=”+1 123 456789″ />
<meta name=”contactNetworkAddress” content=”xyz@domain.dom” />
<meta name=”geo.position” content=”0.000000;0.000000″ />
<meta name=”geo.region” content=”GB-SOL” />

With that extra bit of information for the search engines, that should mean that your (and your client’s) sites should rank even higher for your (their) local area.

I don’t know yet, but it may even cause the auto generation of an “unclaimed” Google places listing – obviously I’ve not tested this as there hasn’t been time but it seems completely possible to me that this could happen.  (We *will* be testing this with a new site we’ve recently set up for a local client.)


I suspect that this plugin may well end up being an enormous seller with a much higher price so get it today is my advice. :roll:

-Frank Haywood

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Unique Ad Rotator – NOW AVAILABLE

09 March 2012

Offer Closed


Today Friday 9th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a pre-order sale for a really cool new plugin created by my new developer who I’m pleased to say is one of the most professional coders I’ve ever dealt with.

As usual I’ve had this plugin developed for my own purposes and I know you’ll find it very handy to own too.

It’s called Unique Ad Rotator (UAR) and allows you to run banner ads of varying sizes in your sidebars.

[pguar group=”1″]

Here’s why I had it developed.  On some of my blogs I run small 125×125 ads promoting various products.  I generally prefer static ads to moving ones as I personally find moving ads irritating, and I figure that if I do then so do other people – that’s my reasoning.

But sometimes you don’t always want the same ads to show the whole time.  Another plugin called Ads Manager (that I give away as a bonus with other plugins and themes) addresses part of that by allowing you to set rules as to when the ad should show, but it’s always the same ads on the same pages.

After some clunky testing I discovered that I got a better return if I varied the ads being displayed.  That was when I realised that what I needed was some slick method of swapping them out and replacing them with another one and this was how the idea for UAR was born.

Then there was a bit of thought and what we came up with was a very flexible method of creating a group and then adding in some ads to that group.  You can then place that ad group in your sidebar and at an interval decided by you, the ad will be replaced with the next one in the rotation.  It does this in real time.  :-)

The idea is you place an ad group (or several) and set your ad rotation to say 50-60 seconds or more.  That’s how I’ll be using it.

Your visitor lands on your site and sees the ads.  They click or not.  They read the post and scroll down as they go.  When they’re done they may either leave the site, leave a comment, or scroll up to the menus.

(I usually do at least one of the last two when I visit a site.  I may leave a comment, but whether I do or not I always go up to the menus at the top for a quick click around.  I think it’s reasonable to assume that if the site isn’t left right away that one of the other two will happen.)

When your visitor scrolls back up, they will see a completely different set of ads in your sidebar.  And then it’s click or not time again – maybe this new set of ads will appeal more to your visitor.  ;-)

Of course you don’t have to make every ad slot a rotator, you can still run some static ads where you know they convert well.

Finally, as the ads change in real time, I also asked for some nice javascript transitions between them so that if your visitor happens to have the ads in view, they’ll see them change and that will certainly warrant a second look.  ;-)

To recap…

You have ad groups.  You can set a default rotation time for the ads in the group.  You can add ads to the ad group.  You can override the rotation time etc for each ad so that some stay longer or shorter.  You can set an ad size for the group.  The ads have cool looking javascript transitions.

This is a PRE-ORDER sale.  We’re putting the final touches to the plugin now and it will probably be available on Monday 12th, but I didn’t think it was worth delaying the traditional weekend sale that so many people like.

The PRE-ORDER sale for this brand new plugin will start today Friday 9th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).  The earlier you buy, the lower the price.

The sale pricing will work like this:-

1-25 = $10.00
26-50 = $12.50
51-100 = $15.00
100+ = $27.00

Offering these low prices to you is my way of saying thank you for being a subscriber.

At 6.00pm today I’ll drop you a line with a link to the sale details.

-Frank Haywood

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WordPress Events Update Plugin

29 February 2012

Offer Closed


The plugin works like this.  Go to the plugin admin and add a new feed group.

Once you’ve created your new feed group you can start adding events to it.


Give your new event a name, start date and time and a description or “story”.

And that’s it.  It’s not hard to do at all.

You can add as many feeds and events as you like, and as each event reaches the time and date for it to go live, it automatically gets published into the feed.

Your subscribers if using a tool like Feed Notifier or Feed Notifier Portable (tell them about it) will get the updates as soon as they happen.  This is all far faster than making a blog post or sending out an email.


I’m gently frothing at the mouth over this one (I apologise if that’s too graphical for you) and I think you’re going to love this as much as I do.

This plugin is fantastic and has the potential to change the way you do business and keep your subscribers informed and I’m going to be using it heavily myself.

And I have to ask myself “Why didn’t I…” / “Why haven’t I…” latched onto this a long time ago?

I think it might be because I didn’t get the background to it properly, but now I do.

Let me explain – there’s all sorts of reasons and things going on that have resulted in arriving at this place and plugin.  If I sound a bit “random” or disjointed in trying to explain this, don’t be surprised as I’m really excited about it all.

What this new plugin does is allow you to create groups and then add time driven events to those groups into the admin panel.  The group then gets published as a special RSS feed…


So you add a new event and set a date and time plus the event details (a description that can contain HTML) and when the time arrives the event gets published within the special RSS feed you created.

This new feed is completely separate from your regular WP feed.

You can create as many groups (feeds) as you like and as many events in each group as you want.

These new feeds don’t have to have anything whatsoever to do with the blog they’re hosted on.  That means you don’t have to install the plugin on every blog if you don’t want to, you can just install it on your main site and create feeds to suit you.

You can create private and public feeds – they’re actually the same but you get to tag them private or public as a way of organising them all.

Here’re the benefits of the private feeds and this is partly why I’m really excited about this plugin.

Details about public feeds are further down.

You can create a private feed using an obscure feed name and put all sorts of reminders for future events in there.

o Phone the accountant on Tuesday after 11:00.
o Get a birthday card for your mother/wife/budgie.
o Pick up the dry cleaning.
o Get the car serviced.
o Join the webinar you signed up for.
o Get that new plugin Frank Haywood has released.

and so on.  ;-)

You read all the feeds using your favourite RSS feed reader (e.g. Feed Reader for Windows) which runs quietly in your system tray and which is now an indispensible tool for me.  Alternatively there’s a FireFox addon called RSS Ticker if like me you spend your entire online life with FireFox open.

When the feed updates, your RSS reader lets you know and you don’t ever miss an appointment again.

Well, you know what I mean…

Now let’s look at public feeds and events.  These are even better!

I get people complaining to me that I send them too many emails.  I also get people complaining to me that I don’t keep them updated enough and then they’re annoyed when they miss things.

I can’t win can I?  ;-)

It will soon be fixed.

To update your normal WP RSS feed, you need to publish a new post – that’s the only way you can do it.  But that’s not always an appropriate thing to do is it?

It’s fine if you have a lot to say, but if you just want to keep people updated about something such as a new plugin release, then you don’t want to create a whole blog post just to do that do you?

This new plugin is perfect for doing small updates and notifications.  Smaller than a blog post, bigger than a tweet.  Far more control over content.

For instance you could create a WSO update feed for your subscribers, and each day (or whenever) publish some short detail about the WSOs you think are worth getting.  Not worth a blog post, not worth a broadcast email, but more required than a tweet.

Or maybe a special interest feed?  I know for a fact I have a group of people on my mailing lists that are intrested in online marketing and another group that are only interested in offline marketing, and some who are into both.  Create two feeds and let people subscribe to one the other or both of them.

(In fact it’s even possible to mix different feeds from different sources together and producing one big fat one with everything in it – I’ll talk about that another time.)

Doing it like that you’re far less likely to annoy your main mailing lists and those who want updates more often can easily get them.

Isn’t that REALLY cool?

Can you see why I’m excited about this?  ;-)

And can you see why I’ll be pushing people to subscribe to RSS feeds in future?

You can do EXACTLY the same thing as I’ll be doing.

And let’s not forget the increasing amount of people out there who have smart phones with RSS readers on them, and who are gagging to add alerts and stuff and keep themselves amused and updated with what’s going on.

Yeah?  Get it?  I didn’t and I’ve never been bothered before because I never got it and there wasn’t anything that could do what this plugin does.  That all changes today.

At 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today I’m running a pre-sale for the RSS Events plugin at just $10.

Here’s your chance to get it at the lowest price it will ever be, because once this sale is over it’s going straight up to $27, so grab it today while you can.

(If you’re one of the people that’s been asking for more updates you’ll be getting them via one of my events feeds very soon.)

-Frank Haywood

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WP Updates RSS Plugin Weekend Sale

24 February 2012

Offer Closed


Going on from my post (and video) about using an RSS feed to get first notification about new blog posts, and so getting that important first comment and a backlink whenever a new post is made…

Well there’s some other aspects to this.

I KNOW that RSS doesn’t seem very exciting and can be a source of confusion and annoyance – I’ve been there.  But I’ve really turned onto it this last year or so and I’ve been using it for all sorts of things.  I’m only talking here about reading feeds not creating them.

But, I’ve been thinking about RSS related products that would be useful to you and me, and I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around for creating useful feeds.

The first one I released last year and is an excellent plugin that you install on all your blogs and on all your clients blogs too (if you have them).

This is how it works.

Imagine the situation if like me you have more than one WordPress blog, and I BET you do.

Unless you log into them all each day, it’s really hard to keep on top of which ones have plugins or themes that need updating.  Not all of them will have the same plugins active, and certainly not all of them will have the same themes.

There are both plugins and themes out there that sometimes have security issues which allow hackers to log in and take control of your site.  So it’s important that when there’s an update, you know about it right away and you can apply it to keep your blog secure.

It gets even more important when you also have clients blogs that you look after.

It’s bad enough when your own sites get hacked, but the last thing you want is a client calling you to say their site is up the Swannee.  Imagine the embarrassment.

The WP Updates RSS plugin solves that problem.

It monitors your blog and creates a private feed that you can add to Feed Notifier.  When an update is needed, it updates the feed, you get a little pop-up on your desktop and you can go make the update.

You know what?  I think I’ve just made Feed Notifier a must-have tool for any WordPress user.

Starting today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a weekend sale for the WP Updates RSS plugin at just $10 for the first 25 buyers.  The price will go up after the first 25 sales and the sale will close on Monday.

I’ll drop you a line when the sale starts.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. There’s another RSS based plugin coming next week which I hope will blow your socks off.  ;-)

P.P.S. If you don’t already have Feed Notifier then I suggest getting Portable Apps first and then adding Feed Notifer Portable to it.

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Corner Peel Ads Weekend Sale

27 January 2012

Offer Closed


Today Friday 27th January at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for the WordPress Corner Peel Ads plugin for just $10.

Corner peel ads are those nice little ads that look like a small piece of the web page has peeled away.  When you hover over them, they peel back more of the page to reveal your ad.

What’s really nice about the Corner Peel Ads plugin is that it doesn’t use Flash, it instead uses javascript to do the page peel.  As a result the plugin uses very little CPU and will work on older machines without locking them up.  Yeah I’ve seen that happen with Flash based solutions.

With this plugin we’ve also included TEN example peel ads PLUS the Photoshop PSDs and blank no-text PNGs for them all so you can easily edit these to your own preferences.

And finally, we’ve also made it very easy to add your newly amended ads by including a built-in browser uploader to add them.

It’s all VERY easy to use and people have told me how useful it is to have a reliable and straight forward plugin to use.

I’ve always believed the trick with a good corner peel is you don’t have to always have it active.  Just activate the plugin when you have something new you want your visitors to see.

While you can have them running the whole time, I think that quite often, “less is more”.


Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running the final sale for the Corner Peel Ads plugin at just $10, and I’m making just 25 copies available at this price.

As a bonus with this sale I’m including a full client / flipper licence which means you can use it on your client sites and also on blogs you intend to flip for profit.

-Frank Haywood

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Two ADDITIONAL Sales Helpers Plugins

20 January 2012

Offer Closed


Yes this is another “two-fer” sale – TWO plugins for the price of one.

People LIKE these.  :-)

But first…  Before I tell you about this new sale…

A few weeks ago I ran a nickel sale for two OTHER sales helper plugins.  The sale is currently still live (I’m taking it down after this weekend) and you can get to it here if you missed it:-



Back to the new ones…

TODAY I’m starting a NEW weekend sale for two other “sales helper” plugins.

#1 – The first plugin allows you to add a special offer to your sidebar that counts down, expires and disappears.  It’s cookie driven and won’t re-appear if the visitor refreshes the page (unless you want it to).

I’ve been using this to good effect on a few of my own sites since I saw this in use when visiting other sites.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been tempted more than once by seeing a little countdown timer and I’ve eventually just HAD to click it before the time ran out just so I could see what it was before it was too late.

Curiousity is a wonderfully powerful emotion, and I’ve always figured if it works so well on me then it will work really well on other people too.

Including your visitors…  ;-)

#2 – The second plugin has been designed directly to enhance your sales copy.

It works by allowing you to present short and snappy single lines of copy with a little “show” link that your visitor can click on to view more detail about the benefit or feature.

It turns out that people think this is really groovy as it allows them to skim through sales copy looking at short bulleted style information that they can then expand out if something in particular catches their eye or interest.

[pgte-group][pgte-short]Try clicking the “show” link on the following line:-

Think about this…[pgte-full]There are two types of people that hit your sales pages.  The readers and the skimmers.

I’ve found that what I do is I read the headline, then I read the first sentence or two, scroll down to some bullets, then all the way down to see the price.  Sometimes I might read some more sales copy if it looks interesting enough.  Occasionally I’ll go back and read the whole lot.

Increasingly often I find myself jumping right to the bottom to take a look at the PSes.

(TIP: Your second PS should contain your most important message as most people read that first…)

And then very occasionally I might also watch a video if I think I need a bit more information before I buy, but not very often as videos are always low on my priority list.  That’s just how I work…

When I’ve talked to other marketers about this behaviour, it looks like it’s fairly typical.  Some people prefer to watch a video, but of the group who prefer sales copy, I’m right in there as Mr Average.  ;-)

Here’s the interesting thing.

Someone I know is a mad tester.  He reckons that his best performing sales copy consists of little more than a headline, bullet points and testimonials, but also says it depends on the product being sold.

When I stopped to have a think about this, the bullet points angle probably makes a lot of sense as bulleted info allows you to absorb all the key points very quickly.  So people who get turned off by vast amounts of sales copy are okay with that method.

If they need to know more about each point, then they can just click it and it unfolds to reveal more detailed copy about that particular point.

This method actually has a double benefit and puts both you and your visitor in control.

Your visitor has a chance to happily skim your sales page very quickly because you’ve nicely bulleted it all out for them.

And because each block of revealed sales copy is specific detail about the point in question, they’re the ones making the decision to view it.

This is really important because what you’re doing is engaging your visitor, and drawing them into the message you’re trying to convey to them.[/pgte-full][/pgte-group]
And…  Because the block of revealed sales copy is much smaller than a full page, they’re very likely to read all of that section, then repeat the process for other bullet points, and eventually read the whole of your sales copy.

All in small easy to digest chunks.  ;-)

Is that cool or what?

Today Friday 20th January at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for these two ADDITIONAL sales helper plugins for just $10.

Watch out for the update to this post when it goes live.

-Frank Haywood

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Clone and Backup 2 Day Sale

22 December 2011

Offer Closed


I’d like to call this a weekend sale, but I thought I’d finish up before Christmas with v2 of a plugin called Clone and Backup.

I first released this plugin in January this year at v1 and it’s gone through several changes and bugfixes until we finally have v2.  If you purchased it before now, just go back to your personal download page and get the new version as there’s no upgrade fee for early buyers.  I decided to do that because we had quite a few problems with the first few versions and different server configs.

The original version was lightning fast (5 seconds or less) but we ran into problems with servers that couldn’t handle the speed or the (sometimes) massive file sizes generated and it caused failures.  So we slowed everything down by splitting things up into smaller chunks and it’s now much more reliable for everyone.

We think we made the right compromise of reliability over speed, and I haven’t seen any problems since we did that.

What does the plugin do?

It will clone or backup (to a zip file) your WordPress blog and optionally it will include non-WordPress files too.


The clone function allows you to specify another domain on another server (target) and it will FTP your entire source blog to that domain and install WordPress for you.  All the menu permalinks are auto-adjusted to the target domain so that they don’t point back to the source.

This means that if you’re in the habit of installing lots of WordPress blogs (like we do), you can create a standard source blog with all your favourite themes and plugins installed and activated, and clone the entire thing to another domain.  You then have a really good starting point to set the site up the way you want it.

Or you can just use it to backup your existing blog to a zip file and download it.

Or for speed, you can specify the FTP details for a backup server on the settings page.


You then just check a box and click the “Process Now” button, and the blog is zipped up and sent to your backup server.

Or you can even do all of the above at the same time.  It’s pretty cool.


You’ve probably seen plugins like this priced at $47 to $97 (it’s hard to get this right and the prices reflect it), but today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) you can pick up Clone and Backup in this final 25-copies-only sale at just $17.

In the new year, the plugin will go on sale at its regular (much higher) price on its own web site, so this is your last chance to get what I think is the bargain of the year.  ;-)

-Frank Haywood

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